Easter 2024 : our selection of the finest eggs

From the finest to the crunchiest, our concierges share their top Easter eggs with you! A treat for the eyes and the taste buds…

Le Bristol

From €70 excluding delivery

«The Flame Egg» by Johan Giacchetti
Dark chocolate 70%, pistachio, praline, orange blossom caramel
Available from March 11 to April 7


From €950 excluding delivery

«Treasure egg» by Etienne Leroy
Cocoa, dark and milk chocolate, gold leaf
Available from March 13 to 31

Shangri-La Paris

From €108 excluding delivery

«The Beneitier egg» by Maxence Barbot
Dark chocolate 75%, praline, caramel flower of salt, almonds, hazelnuts, wakame flower of salt
Available from March 25 to April 1

Hôtel Lutetia

From €98 excluding delivery

«The great humpback whale» by Nicolas Guercio
73% Oko dark chocolate, black sesame praline, naturally iodised sea lettuce leaves
Available from March 15 to April 1

Cheval Blanc Paris

From €135 excluding delivery

«The Easter Mill» by Maxime Frédéric
Dark chocolate 70%, praline, buckwheat caramel, spelt, puffed rice, roasted corn
Available until March 31

Mandarin Oriental

From €65 excluding delivery

«The Nuts» by Adrien Bozzol
70% dark chocolate, crunchy praline and walnut cookie
Available from March 27 to April 4

William Artigue

From €50 excluding delivery

«The mother otter» by William Artigue
Dark chocolate 70%, milk chocolate 40%, caramel and vanilla
Available from March 15


From €16 to €80 excluding delivery

«The egg in its shell» by Aurélien Rivoire
Milk chocolate, coconut praline, hazelnut praline, dark and hazelnut milk Breton shortbread
Now available